Why You Should Hire Security Guards For Events In Manchester

Why You Should Hire Security Guards For Events 

Planning and delivering an event safely are top priorities for any event planner. Ensuring everything comes together seamlessly is important, but making sure attendees and staff are kept safe throughout is crucial.

Event security is a simple way of making sure your event – be it a sports game, festival, concert, or any large event – goes off without a hitch, and any potential issues are handled quickly and safely.

What is event security?

Event security is typically provided by private security companies that are trained and experienced in managing large-scale events. Their primary role is to keep both event attendees and staff safe so that they can enjoy it without concerns for their safety.

Why is security important at major events?

A number of events in recent years, including the terrible events at the Manchester Arena have highlighted the importance of having effective event security. Events that attract people in large numbers naturally bring with them risks to staff and visitor safety, which is why having an effective security presence will help keep any issues to a minimum.

Hiring competent and well-trained security professionals will help make sure attendees and staff feel safe and that any potential issues are handled in a compliant and timely way.

There are some key safety risks that typically present themselves at major events, including:

  1. Crowd management
  2. Staff/volunteer safety
  3. Medical assistance accessibility
  4. Potential fire hazards
  5. Aggressive behaviour

Five Benefits of Hiring Security Professionals for Events

Crowd Control

Without professional security officers, major events can quickly get out of hand. Large crowds can become difficult to control, which is why having trained personnel on hand to support them could make all the difference.

At CDX Security Group, our security guards are SIA license holders and maintain the highest standards in terms of both behaviour and compliance.

Undertaking an in-depth risk assessment before the event kicks off is an important element of event planning. Some key considerations to inform your assessment are:

  • Identify hazards
  • Analyse crowd intensity and pinch points
  • Work out the risks?
    • Is there anyone in attendance whose safety may be threatened? Typically, performers or high profile attendees
    • Classify it into a ranking (high, medium, low) to inform the measures put in place
  • Have dedicated emergency entrance/exit routes so that potential issues can be handled quickly and safely

Keep staff and guests safe

A visible security presence is central to helping guests, staff and anyone in attendance feel safe in the knowledge that professional support is on hand if required.

Prior to entering an event, security guards can perform metal detection, weapon scan procedure to help provide confirmed access to enter the venue. Additionally, hired security hired will ensure any high-profile guest can remain comfortable, protected and away from larger crowds. These extra security measures will help keep your premise clear from unwanted behaviour and potential danger and mitigate any potential risks.

How much security is needed for an event?

Analysing the capacity of your event and aligning this with the required security present is an important part of pre-event assessment and checks. Once you know the overall capacity and have classified the risk level of your event (very high/high/medium/low) you can then confirm your attendees to security personnel ratio to ensure you have everything covered from a safety perspective.

Manage Emergency Situations

Unfortunately, emergencies at major events may arise, and without proper security in place, it can become challenging to control and the situation may escalate.

Hiring professional security will ensure you can deal with any emergency that may occur at an event efficiently and expertly. Our security officers are highly-trained and can actively handle and support any situation that may arise, whether it’s an unexpected fire or an unwanted intruder in the right way, acting fast to ensure the safety of anyone impacted.

Managing attendees

When hosting an event, ensuring guests are as per the program’s planning, estimation and of confirmed access is essential.

Having hired security in place at an event enables you to prevent any uninvited individuals from entering the premises that could potentially disrupt proceedings. Trained officers can calmly manage the situation, preventing any further issues that may arise.

There are a number of safety and identity inspections that can be done to help ensure that no one is in attendance who shouldn’t be, and that no prohibited objects are brought onto the premises.

These services can include:

  • Checking IDs against attendance confirmation
  • Bag checks
  • Searches (conducted by both male and female trained security officers where required)
  • Metal detectors/scanners
  • Canine units

A trained point of authority

Uniformed security officers are easily identifiable and offer a trusted point of reference for anyone requiring assistance. Trained guards are quick thinking and experienced so that they can handle challenging situations quickly and compliantly to ensure the safety of the person in question.

A visible security presence allows attendees to enjoy the event, knowing that the security aspect is being looked after by a trained professional.


Investing in private security for an event provides invaluable peace of mind for anyone in attendance, including organisers, performers, staff, volunteers as well as the guests themselves.

Our highly-trained and professional security officers can help mitigate the chance of potential threats, ensuring your event can run smoothly and securely.

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