Types of Security Patrols: Explained

Security patrols that are well executed and central to your security strategy can be the difference between a safe and secure property and one open to potential threats.

Different types of patrols suit different premises, but they are all developed with the same purpose in mind: to protect any assets held on site. This can range from stock or equipment to protecting visitors, staff and guests.

Here, we’ve explored the different types of security patrols, the benefits they bring and what makes a truly effective security guard patrol.

What are the different types of security patrols?

A security patrol involves the review and surveillance of premises to ensure they remain safe from any potential threats. They also help make sure staff, visitors, customers or guests are monitored and protected from potential threats.

At CDX, risk management is an essential part of our service offering and helps us determine the security strategy needed. To support this, we undertake a rigorous risk audit process for each new site to ensure we understand the issues and potential threats, empowering us to develop a security soliton that will effectively control and mitigate any potential issues or threats.

A core element of this risk audit involves careful analysis of the layout and location of the premises or property to help inform the best-fit security solution to suit that location’s needs. This analysis is also central to helping us allocate the correct type of security patrols to suit the premise’s individual security needs.

There are four different types of patrol which offer different levels of protection and can be suited to different types of clients and working environments.

Here we take a look at the four types of security patrols available…

1. Foot patrol

A foot patrol essentially does what it says on the tin. It involves a security guard, or guards depending the size of property, walking the grounds on foot to check for any potential threats or issues.

This can range from checking windows and doors are locked, to ensuring there are no fire hazards or safety issues on the site. An effective foot patrol solution will identify any potential risks quickly and efficiently respond to and rectify them.

This type of security guard patrol is perfect for spaces where vehicles cannot go and can be customised depending on your needs. It can also be well-suited to locations that receive high levels of external visitors, as security officers delivering foot patrols are discreet and can even enhance your customer service delivery.

2. Mobile patrol

Mobile patrols are a great alternative to static security, perfect for those larger sites with more ground to cover.

These involve regular site-wider surveillance by fully trained SIA in marked security vehicles They are a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime and ideal for multi-site or larger premises.

Mobile patrols allow security officers to cover a large amount of ground quickly, perfect for any emergency situations like an alarm being triggered or a potential fire hazard.

3. Observation post

Another type of effective security patrol is an observation post, or watchtower, which allows for 24 hours security surveillance by a trained security officer.

The type of security patrol is ideal for larger properties and premises that have a more specific set of security and protection requirements. The high-up vantage point offers security officers full visibility of the site, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently to any potential threats.

Observation posts can be ideal for live or busy construction or manufacturing sites, it mitigates disruption by officers on the ground, but maintains a high level of security coverage.

4. Camera surveillance or CCTV

CCTV security systems are a great way of providing 24/7 monitoring of your site, without having to invest in round-the-clock security officers.

Well-signed CCTV systems not only act as a visual deterrent to any potential criminals but can also contribute to reductions in your insurance premiums as you have hard evidence of any criminal activity.

This type of security is essential for loss prevention in warehousing, transporting and manufacturing, helping ensure essential equipment and stock are kept safe, allowing for coverage in hard-to-reach areas and offering reliable, 24/7 monitoring.

Despite CCTV offering numerous security benefits, it’s important to note that any potential issues may well be recorded, but a lack of on-site security officers means that any issues will not be handled. It’s advisable to pair CCTV surveillance with a dedicated alarm response solution to ensure that any potential problems are handled quickly and safely.

Why are security patrols important?

Patrols are an essential part of any effective security solution, giving you peace of mind that your premises are safe and secure during times when your premises may be closed or quieter than usual, such as over the weekend or during the night.

Whether you’re a property manager in charge of a residential block, or the operations manager of retail business, there are security patrol solutions to fit your priorities and requirements to help ensure your site is kept safe at all times.

What type of security patrol is best for me?

An integrated risk audit process is the first step in identifying the best security patrol for your business.

At CDX our officers undertaken a full risk assessment prior to starting a new contract, allowing our experienced, SIA approved officers can identify potential risks and develop a bespoke solution that responds to these.

Our risk assessment process involves:

  1. Identify: we look at the size, location and purpose of your business
  2.  Analyse: we review any potential threats and understand some of the pain points
  3. Action: we develop a bespoke security solution to suit your individual needs
  4. Monitor: once the security solution is in place, we continue to monitor how this is performing and make adjustments as required.
  5. Control: our SIA approved officers mitigate and control potential issues quickly and safely, providing invaluable peace of mind.

Risk assessment

Ranked in the top five per cent of UK security firms, the team at CDX is experienced in developing and implementing bespoke security solutions across a range of industries. We work in close collaboration with our clients to understand their concerns and priorities and recommend a security solution that suits these requirements and aligns with budgets.

Our bespoke packages include the option to provide integrated mobile patrol solutions, combining multiple options into one, designated security solution that will help ensure the safety of staff, visitors, guests and property.


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