Tips when planning your 2023 warehouse security strategy

A well-operated and secure warehouse is a key asset for any business dealing with material goods. 

From raw materials and spare parts to finished retail products and specialist equipment, stored goods make up a significant part of a businesses’ revenue and must be protected at all times.  

What is warehouse security? 

Warehouse security refers to a set of measures taken to protect a warehouse and its contents from theft, damage and unauthorised access.  

While ensuring the safety of the goods and any staff inside the building, an efficient security plan also minimises the risk of loss and damage.  

Why is warehouse security important?  

Warehouse security is now more important than ever due to several outside factors: 

  • Increased rate of criminal activities and risks of theft 

With the increasing threat of theft, vandalism, and other security breaches, it’s essential to develop a bespoke security plan to protect your assets and employees. 

  • Ecommerce and online shopping 

Following the changes first visible during the Covid pandemic, online shopping has gained dominance over the retail market as consumer behaviour has rapidly changed. As a result, warehouses are faced with increasing demands on fast, efficient operations and increased stock levels to meet the customers’ needs.  

  • Advancements in technology 

There is no doubt that technological advancements positively impact our everyday lives, turning many day-to-day tasks into an effortless routine. However, the use of technology also makes it easier for criminals to breach security systems, so it is important for warehouses to constantly upgrade their security measures, while ensuring they have a physical presence onsite too. 

Types of warehouse security measures 

To reach the highest standards of warehouse security and minimise the risk of potential danger, warehouse managers should always look at a holistic approach to security strategies. 

For instance, the system can include physical security measures such as physical security guards, locks, fences, and surveillance cameras, as well as operational procedures such as background checks for employees, regular inventory checks, and strict access controls. 

These are some of the key assets of warehouse security: 

Security guards

The goal of a warehouse security guard is to protect both the facility and its employees and assets, while ensuring the smooth operation of the warehouse. 

The specific tasks of security guards may include:   

  • Monitoring the facility for any danger and suspicious activity 
  • Carrying out regular patrols and checks for potential hazards 
  • Responding to emergency situations, such as theft, fire, or other accidents 
  • Supporting other departments of the warehouse as well as its employees 
  • Enforcing safety and security procedures on the premises 

The number of security guards needed to secure a warehouse depends on the size of the property, the value of the goods stored, the operating hours or other local regulations. Therefore, consulting a professional security provider is the best practice to develop an effective security plan.  

Warehouse security alarm systems

Alongside professionally trained security guards, installing an effective alarm system is an essential process for every warehouse, adding an extra layer to its safety procedure. Security alarms can be used to detect unauthorized entry to the warehouse and alert authorities in case of a break-in.  

To ensure the safety of the premises at all times, a range of security providers operate as Keyholding and Alarm response units, acting as a point of contact for the alarm company, available to respond to any given situation and minimise the impact of a security breach.  

Warehouse lighting and cameras

Adequate lighting in a warehouse is a vital part of workers’ risk assessment routine, helping employees to move safely around the premises and preventing them from suffering an injury.  

However, sufficient lighting system also plays a key role when it comes to theft and other security breaches, making it difficult for external visitors to move around the space undetected.    

Installing appropriate lighting comes in handy with the use of CCTV systems. While deterring crime violations and preventing employee theft, cameras are also useful tools to investigate an occurred incident and preserve the evidence.  

Access control systems  

An access control system is a security measure that simply helps regulate who has access to the building and certain areas in the warehouse. By using a keycard or biometric system, unauthorised individuals are prevented from entering the premises, while employees and others inside the warehouse are kept safe.  

Durable doors, security cages and appropriate locks are further measures designed to prevent illegal trespass.  

Regardless of the type of physical security measures the warehouse uses, it is important to regularly inspect the assets to ensure they function properly and maintain the required level of security. 

Regular inventory checks 

Carrying out a regular inventory check can reveal sudden changes in stock levels and help report any missing items.  

Moreover, while keeping the warehouse records up-to-date, businesses might also appreciate the costs saved by preventing stock-outs, overstocking and related waste of resources. 

Choosing the right security provider 

Maintaining efficient warehouse security requires a thorough strategy specific to your business that can be time and money consuming. Many businesses, therefore, choose to hire an external company to protect their property, reducing costs and risks while increasing the flexibility of the service. 

When partnering with a private security firm, warehouse managers should always make sure their chosen company: 

  • Proves appropriate experience and expertise 
  • Offers comprehensive security solutions 
  • Follows the most recent security requirements 
  • Utilises recent technology and security equipment 
  • Understand your business needs and can tailor the security plan accordingly
  • Is recognised by field professionals, has a good reputation and high SIA audit scores 

Warehouse security is a critical aspect of protecting your assets and people. Alongside implementing a range of security measures, it is important to stay vigilant, proactive, and regularly revise your risk assessment.  

At CDX Security Group, our specially trained guards are experienced in providing excellent warehouse security services, offering bespoke security plans to meet your business needs.  

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