Things To Consider Before Installing CCTV Security Cameras

Things To Consider Before Installing CCTV Security Cameras

After a robbery or vandalism at your office or home in Manchester, you’ll want to get a reliable CCTV security system. Whatever your reason might be, the one thing you’re looking for is safety.

A complete CCTV security system includes a storage device, camera, and installation gear. Nowadays, you can find several manufacturers of CCTV systems. And each one offering different products at varying price points. So, it’s understandable if you struggle to find the right one for yourself.

This article will cover some key points that one must take into consideration when purchasing a CCTV security system. So, let’s find out!

Consider the Purpose

First and foremost, you should know for what purpose you’re buying the CCTV security. For instance, for domestic use, you’d be okay with a camera that boasts a 2 MP (Megapixel) HD picture quality. On the contrary, a higher megapixel ( either 5 MP or 8 MP) is perfect for outdoor CCTV systems.

Camera Types

Understanding the camera types is another vital thing to consider. Basically, you’ll find two camera types. One is the HD cameras, which are mainly for domestic use. The other one is the IP cameras, which find their applications primarily in business and factory settings.

Furthermore, there are wired & wireless CCTV cameras. The former uses a cable with the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), while the latter connects to the user’s smartphone through an app. Wireless cameras store information on the phone’s SD card. CCTV security systems with night vision and audio-recording features are also quite popular. They offer high-quality footage even in extremely dark settings.


You also need to consider the storage of these cameras before making a purchase. If you get one with inadequate storage, you’ll end up losing every old footage. Insufficient storage can also lead to loss of connection between the backend and your camera. As such, it’d be best if you go for one that features microSD card slots. 


Modern CCTV security cameras are capable of rotating vertically and horizontally to scan a large area around them. Pan refers to the maximum angle the camera can move horizontally and, likewise, vertically is tilt. Top high-end CCTV cameras can pan and tilt up to 360 and 90 degrees, respectively. Some high-end CCTV even lets you rotate them remotely using their dedicated apps. Therefore, if you wish to track a large section, going for a CCTV with a higher tilt/pan is ideal. 


CCTV cameras with motion and audio sensors detect and notify you about suspicious noise or movements on the dedicated app. Thus, if you want the best security system for your business or home, a CCTV with sensors will be ideal.

Video Chat Feature

Some CCTV security systems feature a built-in microphone that enables you to have two-way communication. Such cameras would be ideal for those who wish to monitor their children from work. Plus, this way, they can make sure the kids are safe and secure.

Always Buy From Certified Manufacturers

Finally, always make sure you make your purchase from certified and reputed CCTV security providers. In doing so, you can receive after-sales services and the company warranty.

So, these are some important factors you should remember when purchasing a CCTV security camera.