The benefits of outsourcing airport security services

Security is one of the most important elements of the day-to-day running of airports around the world. Security checks at airports play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of both passengers and staff and have evolved to become more thorough over the past twenty years.

What is airport security?

Airport security officers are responsible for protecting passengers and staff, as well as aircrafts and airport property from accidental or deliberate harm – including terrorism.

Their presence plays a central role in helping put passengers and staff at ease when passing through or working at the airport.

What are the primary responsibilities of an airport security officer?

Airport security guards have one of the most important roles in the airport, with their responsibilities including:

  • Controlling access to restricted areas
  • Carrying out security checks, including pat-downs and bag searches
  • Responding to emergency incidents and complying with safety regulations
  • Monitor surveillance and perform regular patrols
  • Log incidents and escalate where required
  • Queue management
  • Providing exceptional customer service and enhancing passenger experience

Aviation security requirements have become stricter in the past twenty years, with increased regulation and compliance. Finding the right provider is important to make sure that the services you invest in are both premium quality and adhere to the latest requirements.

The benefits of outsourcing aviation security

Partnering with a trusted provider of airport security services is the best way of ensuring passengers and staff are being protected by high-quality officers at all times.

Working with security companies who specialise in aviation security brings about multiple benefits, such as:

1. Development of bespoke security packages and solutions

The beauty of partnering with a trusted security firm is that they can tailor a specific package that aligns with an individual airport’s needs. If you’re choosing to outsource your security services, you can be specific with the services you require, ensuring that these complement the in-house support you already have, helping develop a more cost-effective, bespoke security solution. You’re also able to evolve and change your security solution should your requirements change.

2. Contingency support available during seasonal peaks

Airports see seasonal peaks throughout the year, with the summer typically bringing the highest number of passengers, as well as school holidays and half terms.

Recent insights also indicate that Thursday, Sunday and Monday can be the busiest days between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Outsourcing your aviation security means you have the flexibility to bring in additional support during peak times, without having to commit to this throughout the year.

3. Work with knowledgeable and trained professionals

Outsourcing your aviation security means you’ll partner with reputable companies that have experienced officers who are well equipped to handle potential issues.

At CDX Aviation, all our officers are clearance-ready and have all CTA and CAA screening paperwork prepared and completed in advance, meaning they are fully compliant and cleared to provide premium airport security services.

4. Uphold high security standards and compliance

By working with qualified and experienced officers, you can have the reassurance that compliance procedures are being adhered to. Professional, clearance-ready security guards are well versed in the latest aviation regulation to ensure that people and property are protected and kept safe.

Security companies will regularly review and update their training to align with changes to regulation and compliance, ensuring that all officers are up to date with the newest compliance requirements.

At CDX, we’re ranked in the top five per cent of UK security firms and are committed to upholding industry-wide best practices.

5. A quick solution to nationwide airport security shortages

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a UK shortage of airport security services causing significant disruption in airports nationwide. This has resulted in flight cancellations, delays, missing baggage and disgruntled passengers and staff.

Partnering with a security firm offers a quicker solution for airports looking to resume their usual security provision by hiring qualified, clearance-ready officers via a bespoke contract to respond to individual concerns and requirements.


Hundreds of thousands of people pass through UK airports every day and keeping them safe until they reach their next destination is paramount.

Investing in high-quality airport security services is the best way to prevent potentially threatening situations, ensuring they are handled safely and by adhering to industry best practices.

Security solutions can be developed to suit the individual requirements of the terminal building or airport in question, with the option to evolve these services to respond to changing or growing demand.

At CDX Aviation, we have clearance-ready officers with all CTA and CAA screening paperwork prepared and completed in advance, making us ready to provide qualified airside and landside security services to support growing demand within the sector.