Security Systems

Tailored and modern security solutions designed to meet your requirements and surpass all expectations.

CCTV Systems

At CDX Security Group, we provide a tailored CCTV solution to meet your security requirements. Our CCTV systems are equipped with the latest technology to give you first-line defence for your business. We can help you protect your staff, your premises and prevent costly thefts.

Fully qualified security professionals install all of our CCTV systems at CDX Security Group. They have vast experience in securing commercial premises with cutting edge CCTV systems across the North West. Our installers work closely with customers to provide training and procedures necessary to ensure smooth transitions to securing environments.

Security Systems

Benefits of a CCTV system:

24/7 site

Deterrent for
criminal activity

Employee and
customer protection

Reductions in
insurance premiums

Ability to monitor
site traffic

Access Control

CDX Security Group will ensure that you have complete control of movement for people, assets and vehicles into or out of your premises. Access Control offers the identification of individuals and goods entering controlled environments for a total security purpose. CDX Security Group has the extensive knowledge to meet specific Access Control requirements of our customers where the access,
approval and accountability are paramount.

Our security solutions at CDX Security Group can give your business peace of mind without hiring additional staff around the clock.

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