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At CDX Security Group, we ensure that the delivery of our security services is exceptional. We monitor our
performance continually to ensure security guards and officers exceed your demands.

Private Security Guards 

We’re committed to delivering consistently exceptional security services. Our team of trained security officers are highly trained, professional, personable and dedicated to protecting people.

At CDX, we’ve got you covered.


About CDX

CDX has ranked in the top five per cent of UK security firms following an in-depth audit from the Security Industry Authority, meaning our working practices are market-leading.

This consistent commitment to excellent service delivery means our security guards’ training closely aligns with the latest industry requirements. Our guards and officers regularly undertake strict training and assessments to ensure they are able to respond to any given situation.

CDX Security Group provides comprehensive protection solutions across a range of industries supported by trained security professionals. 

We’re one of the UK’s most experienced security guard companies, developing and delivering effective security strategies in a range of sectors and environments, including: 

  • Corporate offices and buildings
  • Warehousing and distribution centres
  • Construction sites
  • Retail and shops
Security Guards For Hire
Security guard services

Private security services 

In line with SIA guidelines and regulations, our security officers have significant experience in the professional delivery of our range of security services.


We provide a host of in-person security services, including:

  • Private security guards
  • Security receptionists
  • Retail security services
  • Access control and gatehouse duties
  • Construction site security services
  • Security concierges

Warehousing and Logistics

At CDX Security Group, we’re particularly experienced at providing security services in the warehousing and logistics industry.

We acknowledge the importance of ensuring resilience for our warehousing and logistics customers, minimising disruption to their daily operation by providing much-needed security services to protect both staff and stock.

We already work with a host of warehousing and distribution clients and have a keen understanding of their requirements and priorities when it comes to on-site security services.

We provide the following services…

  • Security officers
  • Searches
  • CCTV and scanner monitoring
  • Regular walkthroughs
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Alarm response
Security guard in warehouse ensuring loss prevention

We know that warehouses benefit significantly from having a consistent on-site presence, which is why our security guards are highly trained in identifying and handling potential red flags quickly and safely.

Loss prevention is a crucial element of developing a security strategy for any warehousing and logistics firm, and we’re experienced in advising the best course of action to minimise potential disruption to the supply chain.

We can work with you to develop a bespoke security services package for your warehousing or logistics space. Contact us now for a discussion about what would work best for your business.

What are the benefits of hiring private security guard companies?

At CDX Security Group, we know that security services provide invaluable comfort to both staff and visitors and are an effective deterrent for potential criminal activity.

Some of the key benefits of private security are:

  • Professional protection: CDX Security Group officers are trained to a high specification and can respond to security threats in a range of environments.
  • Emergency response: on-site security will provide invaluable peace of mind to staff and visitors at your premises, reassuring them that help is at hand should they need it.
  • Loss prevention: having a security presence at your place of work will deter thieves and potential criminal activity
  • Identify and handle suspicious activity: having trained security professionals helping to protect your business will mitigate potential threats and any incidents can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Call CDX Security Group today on 0330 333 8080 or email us via support@cdxsec.com for more information.