Security guards for high profile people

Security guards for high profile people

High profile security guards are an elite class of security personnel. The VIPs often require their services; they may be CEOs of companies, politicians, or celebrities. They train adequately to assess and tackle high-risk situations that often come associated with these high profile individuals. 

Let’s delve deeper into what our Warrington security guards can accomplish.

A heightened sense of security 

Having someone you know who is duty-bound to protect you and your families’ lives give you that added peace of mind. And with safety already consolidated, you can dispatch your duties efficiently.

Experts at assessing potential threats/situations

Security guards assigned to VIPs are highly trained individuals and are mostly individuals who have military or law enforcement backgrounds. Therefore they are experts in reading individuals and quick to recognise potential danger beforehand.

Executive protection

Powerful CEOs, wealthy individuals, and politicians are high profile public figures; they are often the target of violence and harassment. They travel a lot too, and new cities pose even bigger security problems. Trained security personnel will provide the protection they need no matter what the security risks involved. 

Here are a wide range of services they provide for the executives:

  1. Low profile protective surveillance.
  2. Bodyguard protection.
  3. Security drivers.
  4. Transportation management.
  5. Security sweeps of meeting places and vehicles.
  6. Handling confrontations.

Estate protection 

It is also the policy of most security firms to protect the high profile individuals’ assets and properties 24/7. Depending on the duties assigned to each security personnel, different tasks are involved. For example, surveillance, patrolling the estate premises, protecting the family of the client, etc.

Crowd control at events

Politicians and celebrities are often involved in significant events; that’s when they are at their most vulnerable. With big crowds, threats could come from everywhere, and that’s where the know-how of the security guards comes in handy. They protect celebrities from paparazzi and overzealous fans. The security guards also safeguard political figures who could be subject to target from opposing political parties.

They help develop security plans that let minimum intrusion from the crowd. During an attack or a disaster, security guards can map out quick entry and exit routes. 

Multi-faceted protection

Besides combat, defence, and firearms training, security guards also train to perform advanced security planning, logistics, emergency medical response, communication, and surveillance. Besides, they are also certified in emergency first aid, CPR/AED and always travel with trauma kits. The security firm also assesses its personnel psychologically and run constant security and background checks.

With every passing day, the need for security has become necessary more than ever. Organisations and individuals must make serious consideration when it comes to safety and enlist the best service available.