Security Guards for Warehouses

Security Guards for Warehouses

CDX Security Group understands that the warehouse security program is very important to all companies, making sure that their workers stay safe. The strength of the warehouse has a direct effect on your bottom line. We are here for a custom and verified security solution for your warehouse needs. CDX Security Group has many years of experience to provide you with highly-trained security officers and guards for warehouse protection. They are trained in access control, checking the visitors, reporting and documenting, patrolling property, securing building materials and equipment, preventing losses and liabilities, and many more to protect your property.

If you want to protect your business, hiring professional security services from CDX Security Group is an important step. Our professionals will protect your warehouse through regular patrols and respond to emergencies at any time.

Satisfy Your Warehouse Security with CDX Security Group Services

Each of our Chester security officers and guards is passed through mandatory training specific to our client needs. In addition, our security guards are regularly checked to make sure that they are actively and efficiently performing their duties. Below are some of the security duties performed by our security personnel to protect your warehouse.

Protection of Employees

Although keeping inventory safe is crucial, goods can eventually be replaced; but ensuring the safety of employees is of paramount importance. If your property is stolen, having professional security personnel can not only ensure the safety of any employees but also reduce your liability.

The goal of CDX Security Group is to give peace of mind to our clients by ensuring the safety and well-being of staff, visitors, and assets.

Well-Equipped Security Guards

We offer you equipped security guards that would handle all your safety requirements with utmost professionalism and skills.

Patrolling Service

Our security guards provide you with high visibility patrolling to cover a large area for any criminal activity.

Access Control

Our security personnel effectively control who enters your area. We train our security guards to identify contractors, employees, salespersons, and customers and to communicate with the right personnel.

Innovative Technological Solutions

We can complement our physical security services with innovative integrated technical solutions, including CCTV and card access control systems. As a CDX customer, you are closely related to the coverage and responsiveness of our security centre.

Alarm Response 

The under-resourced and overburdened police premises across the country lack the manpower to respond to burglar alarms. Many municipalities impose penalties on safety-conscious facilities and fines for false alarms. CDX Security Group can provide you with the confidence of timely and effective alert response of an average of 28 minutes without the risk of penalties, legal proceedings, or being included in the “non-response” list.


Our security officers and security guards have vast experience in providing safety to all properties. We design and offer you a plan that keeps your warehouses safe and sound.

Emergency Security Services

Our security officers are backed by our 24/7 management team, linking them to 412 active locations. Security guards are trained to handle intense emergencies that will keep everyone safe.

Final Words

If you are searching for the best security services for your warehouses or other distribution centres, contact CDX Security Group today. CDX Security Group is your trusted partner that would be happy to help you with a customised warehouse security plan that works best for you and keeps your supplier chain moving.