Security Guards for Private Security Services

Security Guards for Private Security Services

CDX Security Group is among the market-leading security services across the UK. CDX Security Group is a family-owned business and provides a broad range of security services since 2012. We provide highly trained, cost-effective, reliable, and excellent security guards that are passionate about protecting customers and their property with expert security. CDX Security Group services have you covered with private security services supported by management and supervision teams that frequently work in commercial, residential, retail, industries, factories, and private agencies.

CDX Security Group Services

Our security services are best in private sectors like concerts, sports events, and protocol services. In addition, our services are security equipment, vehicle protection, commercial security, event security, security consultancy, and many more. With these services, it is difficult to find better security guards services than CDX Security Group.

Professional services

Our Chester security guards are licensed, trained, professional, and screened to perform their duties well. Our personalised officers and security guards have been reviewed and certified, showing good demeanor, communication skills, emergency response, and multitasking capabilities.

Experienced persons

Our private security guards have years of experience and are well-trained in preventing losses, crime deterrence, private property security, and conflict resolutions by implementing strict procedures like emergency procedures or alarm safety systems.

Event security

We provide proper planning to ensure event security by protecting venues, guests, and properties.

VIP Protection

Our security guards offer high protection levels ensuring private protection to every member of your team.

CDX Private Security Guard Services Tailored to Your Expectations

We are committed to helping you achieve the best level of security and safety required by the circumstances. We have the expertise in providing security services that may be temporary, permanent, and emergency services, for various industries including hotels, offices, residential communities, manufacturing, industry, retail and special events that guarantee the security of you and your property. 

Why choose CDX Private Security Services?

We have the security guards’ services to meet all of your needs. 

Extensive training

The security officers and guards at CDX Security Group understand all the security threats that private businesses or events can face. So, we trained our security guards to handle the situation efficiently. We emphasise providing you the highly skilled guards for each job.

High-Level Protection 

As professionals, we need to ensure that those we deploy are responsible for the high-level protection of company assets and employees understand the implications of their work. We are proud to be able to continuously provide training and field experiments to improve the skills of our security guards. When training our officers, we pay special attention to teaching them how to handle the modern equipment required for the professional execution of their jobs.

Zero errors

We have maintained our standards of security, and these are visible through our client’s satisfaction rate of 98%. We have kept our record clean throughout our journey of providing security. 

Affordable rates

We set our rates tailored to our client’s needs and our rates in the market are one of the most affordable rates in the UK.


To ensure top-notch private security services, we have our supervision team monitor the activities of our security guards.

Our goal is to provide safety to your event by preventing any criminal activity or inappropriate situation from occurring. Our private security services are reliable and highly professional to keep your event secure.