Security Guards for Gatehouse Duties

Security Guards for Gatehouse Duties

Gatehouse and access control security is probably one of the most important security services required for private and commercial establishments, as it is the first entrance into many industrial premises. The gatehouse security of CDX Security Group can protect your areas from intruders, while also providing visual assurance that you need to welcome any visitors at any time of the day or night. 

Choose CDX Security Group for Gatehouse Duties Anytime

Approved by SIA approved contractor scheme and ranked among the top private security industries in the UK, our employees understand our customers and their needs for professional security services. We are proud of having a customer retention rate of 98%, showing that we are trusted by our customers.

Principal Duties

The CDX Security Group is responsible to provide a secure environment to all the residents, visitors, and other staff members. We protect the Community property by providing skilled and professional security guards.

Our security guards will perform these essential duties:

  • Maintain a continuous presence by patrolling 24 hours and provide friendly and efficient services to visitors, and residents.
  • Every security guard has received the highest standards of training. If you need additional help, we can deploy personnel with experience in concierge and reception duties.
  • Vehicle and access searches are the best services we provide.
  • Guide all visitors to appropriate parking lots and entrances.
  • Guide emergency officers to the appropriate area or entrance.
  • Ensure physical security of entrances and exits.
  • Resolve security issues and report them to appropriate leaders for resolution.
  • Respond to all fire alarms and apartment emergency calls.
  • Complete all tasks following the priority set by the supervisor.
  • Keep all tools, equipment, and supplies in proper condition.
  • Perform specific job duties and responsibilities assigned by the boss.

CDX Security Group Benefits

For more than 9 years, we have been providing comprehensive market-leading security solutions for businesses of all sizes and requirements of our clients across the UK.

Client’s Satisfaction

Your solution will be tailored at CDX Security Group according to your specific safety needs to ensure that you will be provided with personalized first-class service.

Highly Skilled Licensed Security Guards

CDX Security Group covers you with a wide range of offers including customer service, visual surveillance, and patrolling with their highly trained and skilled SIA licensed security guards in Chester.

Deterrence of Criminal Activity

The presence of CDX Security Group officers will eliminate your chances of trespassing criminals, vandalism, and any other criminal activity.

Response Rate

Our skilled security guards can act accordingly and provide the best solutions to any threat and criminal activity at a high response rate.

CDX Security Group – A Trustworthy and Dedicated Security

CDX Security Group can provide you with SIA licensed gatehouse security professional guards with high-quality security services and a customer satisfaction rate of 98%. 

All of our guards have received the highest standards of training to provide you with unparalleled protection. We will also ensure that your reputation and image are maintained professionally and efficiently.

Therefore, if you want to hire a doorman security service, please make sure that CDX Security Group is the brand behind your protection.