Security Guards for Construction Sites

Security Guards for Construction Sites

No matter how many sites you need security, CDX Security Group have excellent security guards and officers on duty depicting professionalism. CDX Security Group’s construction security department has been protecting all environments including construction sites. If you do not have adequate construction site security services, your site will suffer theft or vandalism. We are led by the senior management team at your service 24/7 at 412 active locations with 98% customer satisfaction. Our well-trained team is personable and passionate officers include static security guards from Warrington and mobile security patrols. 

Is Your Construction Site A Target For Vandals?

Easy access to building materials makes it a tempting target for thieves and vandals. Vandalism and robbery are two security risks that need to be paid attention to everywhere, especially on construction sites. Theft from construction sites can cost industrial, residential, commercial, and construction companies thousands of dollars or even billion dollars each year. The safety of construction sites is essential to prevent crimes on these sites.

CDX Security Group Makes Construction Site Security Easy For You

CDX comprehensive security services make industrial sites and types of equipment as well as your property easy, cost-effective and reliable. Whether it is a single site or multiple sites spread, our security guards can protect large property and ensure that intruders and thieves cannot enter your property at any time. Our management team is capable enough to handle the details and provide you with licensed, top-notch, and reliable security guards at affordable rates.

Construction Site Duties Performed By Our Security Guards

CDX Security Group meets your demands and needs and is budget-friendly. Our construction security guard duties include: controlling all vehicles and visitors to the construction site, visual surveillance at sites, maintain a list of vehicles and deliveries to the site, providing peace of mind to employers and visitors, securing the entrance area, patrolling of construction site, deterrence of criminals, emergency security coverage, avoiding delays, safety measures, and many more.

They can also serve in a wide range of services that are designed to secure the construction sites, such as lightening solutions, CCTV, reporting, tours, and alarm systems.

Advantages of CDX Security Group Construction Site Security Guards

Stop! Have a look at the top advantages of our construction site security guards:

  • Our professional security guards have their influence on productivity so that employees and contractors are enthusiastic about their jobs without being worried about their equipment and tools left at the site.
  • Hiring our security guards at construction sites helps mitigate the losses because they provide site surveillance contributing to preventing any incident that causes liabilities.
  • Our on-site security guards offer huge protection by helping to prevent the loss of heavy machinery, building materials, and tools that are worth more than thousands of dollars.
  • Our security guards are trained to work and collaborate effectively as a team. They are focused on their duties.

Be Sure To Hire the Right Security Team

As a recognised construction site safety expert, CDX Security Group provides well-trained and licensed security officers and guards to protect your assets, minimise your losses, and make the solutions painless for you. We provide accountability, communication, and transparency to hallmark your safety.