Security at Events: Everything you need to know

When planning a large event, the safety of guests and event staff is the most important thing to consider. 

Event types that require a security presence include music events, sporting events, outdoor events and festivals, non-ticketed events, events held at large venues, and anywhere that is holding an organised event with an alcohol licence. 

What is event security? 

Security at events come in many forms, including: 

Static security 

A physical security presence during the event as well as set up and de-rig, easily identify hazards, react to changing security situations and provide support throughout the event. 

Close protection security 

Whether or not close protection security is necessary depends on the type of high-profile attendees at an event. Certain guests may require their own team of security to keep them safe at the event, while for others, the event-wide security measures would be sufficient. 

Crowd management 

Crowd management is a key area for event security and is paramount to any well executed security strategy. 

Managing a large crowd can quickly become intense, but having highly trained officers who are well versed with event security can mean overcrowding and potential risks are identified early and prevented. 

Entry supervision and bag checks 

Bag checks and entry supervision is a task generally undertaken by stewards at events, but if items or people need to be removed or refused entry, then the team at the entrance will need an SIA licence. 

Fire and medical support  

Trained event security officers need basic training on fire and medical situations, ensuring they know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency. 

Before any event, security officers must be made aware of all fire and first aid points, so they are able to handle any emergency situations quickly and efficiently.  


Volunteer stewards don’t require licencing or security qualifications and are in charge of making sure the event runs smoothly. Their main responsibilities range from acting as a main point of contact with guests to crowd control to bag searches, if they hold the correct license. 

While stewards are definitely an essential element of event security measures, we’d always recommend combining their role with an SIA approved security presence, to ensure you’re covered on all basis. 

How many security guards do you need for the size of event? 

The number of security officers necessary all depends on the type of event you’re running and if it is licenced, as licenced events require a higher number of security personnel per number of guests. 

Other factors to consider when compiling security requirements include multi-role personnel, will security guards be carrying out CCTV monitoring, do you require door staff on individually licenced areas and who is attending the event – are they a vulnerable audience, is there a higher risk of on-site dangers? 

Partnering with a company that has a strong reputation in event security can help you plan correctly for your event. Having the right security at your event provides invaluable peace of mind for anyone in attendance, including organisers, performers, staff, volunteers as well as the guests themselves. 

What qualifications/certifications do security companies need for events? 

There are certain qualifications and certification that are required by law, depending on the role of each security officer. 

Any professional security company should be able to provide details of who requires which certification and list all of their security personnel in attendance at the event by certification, including: 

  • SIA qualified
  • Level 3 First aid trained 
  • Fire trained 
  • Level 2 Door supervisor for licenced areas/events – security supervisors should have a higher level 
  • Public space licence for CCTV operators 

Benefits of partnering with a private events security provider 

By partnering with a premium event security company, you will be safe in the knowledge that the latest events and safety legislation is being adhered to. Plus, the uniformed presence on site will give attendees confidence that the event is safe and secure, ensuring they know who to go to should a problem arise. 

A highly visible physical security presence is not only a great prevention tool, but is also equipped with the knowledge of what to do should an emergency arise. Trained security officers have the ability to deal with situations calmly and promptly without major disruption to an event. 

CDX Events 

Here at CDX Events, we know a thing or two about event security. With our SIA-approved officers and highly trained stewards you can rest easy that your event will run smoothly, with all staff, attendees and assets kept safe. 

Recently scoring in the top three percent of UK security firms, we’ll work with you to develop a bespoke strategy that suits your event and its needs. 

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