Security 101 For Events

Security 101 For Events

Event security does not end with providing security guards for an event in Manchester. It involves proper coordination and extensive communication between all the members of the security team. You will be able to ensure the security of your staff and guests at the event if you follow the correct security measures. 

There are many benefits when you exercise proper security measures such as property damage, crowd control, unruly guests, injury to guests or staff, and any unexpected situation. So, it is always advisable that you have a proper security plan so that the event flows smoothly and without any hiccups.

Here are some tips that are a must to ensure tight security at an event.

Know every detail of the venue

Try to study the details of the venue in advance. You should be aware of every entry and exit point that the venue has. Find out whether the venue has an extra door that opens outside, a window you can open from the outside, or a low wall. 

You should be aware of any place that can be a point of possible entry by outsiders. And if the location of the venue is outside, then make sure that you have barricades and boundaries that are well guarded.

Check attendee risk

The attendees of your event may sometimes threaten the smooth functioning of the event. Although it is not possible to do a background check on everyone, you should not ignore some red flags. For example, someone buying lots of tickets in bulk or an attendee may belong to an organisation with opposing views to some of the members of the event.

Crowd Control

The security should be well versed in handling large crowds and use their authority when the situation demands. The security team can ask guests to stay away from exit points and the VIP or staff-only area.

Also, make sure that the capacity of attendees does not exceed the limitations of the venue. Your total number of security personnel should comply with the number of attendees.

Be prepared for large-scale attacks

The bigger the crowd, the more chances there to foul play. It’s a sad reality, and the security team should be ready for such unforeseen events. Having armed personnel for bigger crowds is a good choice. 

Using body scanners and checking bags at the entrance is an absolute must as they help reveal any hidden weapons or objects. Also, the staff must be on the lookout for any abnormal behaviour in the attendees or any suspicious activity.

Tight Communication

All the security personnel and staff must have constant communication with each other to update each other about the happenings of the event. If you hire a professional security team, then they should be in continuous touch with your staff. 

Event Security should be a priority.

A successful event is like good PR for the venue, attendees, organisers, and the staff. And in the case of live events, many unforeseen circumstances can put people in danger. So, the security of an event should be the topmost priority for an organiser to ensure that everything ends well for everyone.