Responsibilities of an event security guard

Responsibilities of an event security guard

As an event security guard, it is your duty and responsibility to provide security, oversee and manage the entire event.

Generally, event security guards are tasked with monitoring surveillance cameras and staying on-site for environment monitoring of the event. You also have to be prepared to deal with any complications and situations that might arise. Most of the time, you will use techniques to deescalate situations. 

The Manchester security guards may sometimes have to do static work, including security screening and crowd controlling and monitoring duties.

Given below are some of the most important duties and responsibilities of an event security guard.

Security screenings

Providing security screening includes personal searches to eliminate the risk of concealed firearms or any weapons into the event premises. Security screening might very well be one of the most critical aspects of security service at an event.  

They can also do security screening via metal detectors or any other screening methods. It is also essential to have a meeting before the event to discuss what is prohibited and what is allowed. Security screening also includes vehicle searches, provided that there is parking allowed at the event premises. 

Parking & Access Control

Security guards at events should also ensure that they are providing parking assistance at the designated spots—the presence of security at parking areas helps lower the risk of crime. National Crime Victimisation Survey states that one in every ten crimes occur at parking areas. As a result, parking areas pose a lot of safety and security concern. Therefore, parking areas must be provided with proper security and monitoring to ensure the guests’ safety at the event.

Managing access control involves making sure that all the entry and exit points are carefully analysed and secured so that people do not get inside the event through other means of entry.

It is also essential to ensure that any emergency vehicle can also pass in and out without any complications. Managing and securing access control provides smooth functioning of the event and the emergency services.

Swift response to incidents

Anything can happen at an event, and sometimes even a fight might break out between the guests or a suspicious person might be trying to reach a VIP. During such situations, event security guards should always handle and swiftly deal with the problem. Even if a fire breaks out, you should be able to respond quickly by dousing off the flames using a fire extinguisher.

Generally, it is a good practice for an event security guard to record the different activities and their observations. They can then submit the completed report after the completion of the event. 

Environment monitoring

Environment monitoring does not just involve providing security to the guests present at the event but also in equipment control and tracking. 

They also have to ensure that the team’s equipment, such as proper communication channel and surveillance equipment, works as it should to ensure there is communication between the security teams and guards for relaying important information.