Protect your business: Hire security guards service

Protect your business: Hire security guards service

Home is your refuge, an oasis or a shelter, and it should be the only place for you to feel safe. However, crime also exists and it can happen to any person, and it is your responsibility to keep this haven safe. This is where the importance of security services come.

Security guards from Warrington are trained to handle these kinds of the hazardous situation at any given time. And even if such problems do not occur, the mere presence of the security guards act as a deterrent to any criminal schemes. 

What is a security guard?

In the 1980s, the security guards were popularly known as watchmen.

Security guards are those persons who are employed by a private or government firm to protect the person who hires them. They will also protect the employer’s assets such as properties, money, people, etc., from various threats like robbery, suspicious behavior of workers, etc., using different preventive measures.

Security guards usually wear a uniform to present themselves to be lawfully hired to protect the employer and his assets. Security guards are eligible and have permission to defend and deter any criminal activities under different government jurisdictions.

What are their duties and functions?

Many security departments and firms follow the method of “detect, deter, observe and report.”  Security guards have the authority to make a citizen’s arrest or act as an instrument of the law at the local police and sheriffs’ request.

Security guards enforce the company’s rules and have to protect the lives and assets of their employer from any criminal activity. Besides having to keep the place secure, they can also perform CPR and first aid and execute specialized orders given by their clients.

Security guards also require additional arms training like pepper spray, baton, and firearms if the state gives the authority to use such weapons. Due to the rise in terrorism threats, most security personnel require bomb-threat training in recent years, specifically in easy target places like schools, malls, and other areas with a vast number of people.

Security officers also present at every entrance, whether it is the vehicle gate or the door of the building. They will make sure to check the identification of everyone that enters the area. They must respond or assist during any emergencies like injuries, lost person, crime, fire, etc.

Security guards are entirely different from military officers, police, or anything, but the U.S and Australia have security guards with prior experience from the military and police. And the younger security personnel generally use this opportunity to get the expertise to help them apply to agencies of law enforcement.


Today there are many private security agencies; all their security personnel undergo proper training and are certified to do the job. They cover the security jobs at any level as required by their clients.

Hiring from a private agency will cost you less expenditure as the agency insures them, and they will already have proper training.