Professional security over the Coronation weekend

Ahead of the Coronation of King Charles III, the capital city is set to be on red alert for potential security risks.

Below, Elliot Roddy, our Chief Operations Officers, comments on the role of private security during the Coronation weekend: 

“Security across the Coronation weekend is sure to be a hot topic, playing a key role in the success and safety of everyone involved in the celebrations.  

“While the approximate security costs for the main event are set to top £150mil, the role of private security in supporting the event itself, any surrounding events and protecting businesses will be paramount across the Bank Holiday weekend. 

“We’ve already seen betting sites put odds on protests happening during the Coronation, along with controlled explosions and arrests around Buckingham Palace this week – so it’s safe to say effective security is an absolute must this weekend. 

“While the security plan for the main event includes many different members of the police force, armed forces and special services, consideration needs to be made for the security risks outside of the event. 

“The focus of most people’s attention will be on the Coronation and Procession, but there remain significant security risks for the rest of the UK where private security firms will need to step up and support the general public, including: 

  • Airport security – with a huge influx of tourists and dignitaries coming to the UK for the event, security will need to be on hand to safely guide the increased numbers through the UK’s airports and ensure the safety of everyone involved.  
  • Retail security – large numbers of visitors to the capital and surrounding areas will mean crime will be at its peak for retail premises. Private security firms will need to provide support to retail staff and premises alike, ensuring they are vigilant and stop thefts before they happen.  
  • Hospitality and Events – there will be many parties (public and private) happening across the weekend, and while everyone is there to have fun there are many roles security will have to play in managing these events. From crowd control to monitoring anti-social behaviour, security officers need to stay alert for any potential threats during the celebrations. 

“Private security firms are a great additional support to the services used in large public events, such as the Coronation, and should be welcomed by airports, retail premises and hospitality venues over the Coronation weekend.”