Liverpool CDX Canine Units

Security Dogs

When it comes to providing a highly effective way to prevent any criminal activity on your premises, contact CDX Security Group Liverpool. Deploying a dog handler can be a more cost-effective solution than statistic officers.

Our team of dog handlers Liverpool are not only an apparent visual deterrent, but they are professionally trained to deal with threatening situations. Security dogs and their handlers can help to keep your premises safe and secure in times of need. 

All our dog handlers have valid and current SIA badges and are also accredited or working towards a NASDU accreditation (National Association of Security Dog Users). 

Security Dogs Liverpool

Different situations require a specially trained dog, at CDX Security Group we can provide you with the following:

General Purpose

Drug Search

Explosive Search

Security Dogs will naturally respond to anything out of the ordinary, alerting you in the process.

Call CDX Security Group today on 0330 333 8080 or email us via for more information.