Keyholding & Alarm Response

At CDX Security, our 24-hour mobile response team is ready to be your trusted point of call in an emergency.

Keyholding & Alarm Response

CDX Security understands that in the event of an emergency, break-in, or suspicious activity, an internal key holder may not be available out of hours. Not to worry, our 24-hour mobile response team are just a call away, we act as your point of contact to your alarm monitoring company. You can rest assured that your business is in safe hands with our key holding and alarm response service at CDX Security.

Key Holding Services from CDX Security includes:

  • Alarm response and reset
  • Vacant property checks
  • Property locks and unlocks
  • Warning board protection
  • Mobile patrols
  • Ad-hoc manned guarding requirements
  • Ad-hoc dog handling services

The CDX Security team can also assist with temporary site-based facilities, perimeter fencing, boarding up and locksmith services.

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols are the perfect alternative to static security; this is because they are a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime. Each patrol is conducted by a trained SIA security officer who will arrive in a marked security vehicle. They will inspect all critical points of your building or premises to ensure there are no signs of incident or intrusion.

Patrols undertaken by CDX Security are recorded on our mobile app where details and appropriate images are submitted directly to the customer.

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Key Holding Services

In a nutshell, Key Holding refers to a service that supports and protects your businesses. And this is exactly why we are here! As a leading security company, we at CDX Security offer our utmost dedication and round-the-clock surveillance. From keeping a spare key to your business’ premise and making vacant property checks to assisting in times of odd-hour emergencies, CDX Security will be with you every step of the way!

Why do you need a professional Key Holding Service?

Monitoring the security system of your premise 24/7 can seem like an impossible task for most people! But even the slightest distraction can lead intruders in and cause a security breach. Hence, the best way to monitor your properties and premises is by hiring a professional key holding service like CDX Security. We make sure to deliver 24/7 surveillance and provide prompt intervention in cases of out-of-hours emergencies.
Top 5 reasons why you need a professional Key Holding Service:

  • Technical support
  • Immediate response even during out-of-hours emergencies
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums
  • Experienced and trained professionals handle all security-related tasks
  • Protect all your employees from possible dangers

You can even appoint an internal keyholder for keyholding services. Usually, a senior staff member who knows every nook and corner of the premise is suitable for the job. However, sourcing your keyholding services from an internal keyholder is not very practical for several reasons. For one, a keyholder should be well-aware 24/7 of everything that goes around in the concerned premise, which becomes quite taxing for an individual. This is why outsourcing your keyholding service from an external security company is more feasible!

When you put your trust in CDX Security, you automatically put your trust in a team of highly-experienced professionals. We ensure that all your existing security systems operate smoothly. And simultaneously, we install new alarm systems wherever necessary. We guarantee to keep your premise tight with security at all times!

Benefits of Key Holding Service by CDX Security:

No individuals at risk: During unforeseen emergencies like an attack from thieves or the premise being caught on fire, individuals involved fall into danger. Also, attending such situations put you at risk. CDX Security eliminates this risk by providing a 24/7 mobile response team. In any case of emergencies, you can expect the team at CDX Security to promptly reach the premises and take necessary actions.

Trained security professionals: The team at CDX Security goes through strict training to ensure that they are experienced and qualified for protecting you, your assets, and your staff. Hence, you can rest assured that your business or premises are monitored by people who are experts in the field.

Peace of Mind: With CDX Security as your Key Holding Service provider, you need not worry about any emergencies that could arise at any moment of the day. Even if there are out-of-hours emergencies, CDX Security will take care of everything while you rest in the comfort of your home.