Is keyholding safe for your business?

Is keyholding safe for your business?

Keyholding might seem like a liability for your business, but at the same time, they can provide you with services that would give immense benefit to your business. The fact that we are handing over our keys (access) to our property can be quiet intimidating. For that reason, hiring a key holding service requires a hundred per cent trust.

Despite the massive risk that you as the employer might have to deal with while hiring a key holding security service it is essential to note that it also provides you with top-notch security and a variety of different services simultaneously. It is safe to say that the pros outweigh the cons of key holding for your business.

With all things considered here are some ways to make key holding a safe service to implement or hire for your business.

Establish trust

Handing over the keys or access to your property 24/7 can be nerve-wracking. It is also essential to note establishing 100%t trust between the employer and the service provider is crucial. Another essential thing is to arrange an in-person meeting with the service provider to establish a proper trust and a formal service agreement. 

Therefore, if anything were to go wrong, you would have something to go back and refer to (like a reference point). The complete layout of the property, including all the possible entries and exits, should be discussed.

Install an alarm system

Alarms work well with mobile security patrol or if you’d prefer to have manned Warrington security guards. Therefore this is also an ideal solution for those businesses where the staff are reluctant to return to work after office hours. As a result, in most of these cases, keyholding is given to private keyholding services

They are ideal when alarms are triggered as they arrive quickly to assess the situation. They can also be an excellent way to deter any vandalism to your business assets and property. False alarms can also occur due to numerous environmental factors to human errors.

It is also imperative for us to minimise the risk of human error, which triggers false alarms. Therefore, when the actual real alarm occurs, security can quickly respond.  

The safety factor

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of key holding service is that it provides you and your business employees with a sense of security. When you have one of your staff doing the key holding role, it puts a particular danger on the individual. 

Therefore, it is always best to hire a professional security company for your key holding service in most cases. It not only minimises the risk factor of your staff but also increases their safety factor.

Security reports

Establishing trust between the employer and the service provider is crucial. A formal service report is submitted to you every time the keyholder is dispatched to your house in case of any security issues.

As the business property owner, this ensures that you are made aware of what happens at your business premises. This helps provide transparency between the two parties.