How to hire business security guard services

How to hire business security guard services

When hiring security guard services, safety is the top priority to ensure any mishap. The following post will walk you through how to hire security guard services for your business in Manchester.

Getting Started

  • First, find out if the business has an existing security system or if you need to make your own. 
  • Ensure you have cameras installed for live view monitoring in the public areas of the business. 
  • Determine how you need security guards to be deployed to the business—the areas to cover, and how security guards should interact with the public during their work.
  • Make security guard uniforms for easy identification. You can purchase bullet-proof vests or uniforms, depending on the requirement. 
  • Ensure you have a contract that clearly defines the responsibilities and service provided. This includes the price and duties, the salary, and the expertise of the security guard.


Finding the Right Security Company

Safety measures need to be an integral part of a business environment. Unfortunately, if your company has a wide area, your clients and workers may not be safe. 

Like most companies, you could miss out on security because your staff lacks basic safety training. This is where security guard services can also help. When you hire a security guard service, they will ensure your staff is well equipped with safety devices and knowledge. 

Because they are well trained, the guard service will know the best way to approach any situation. But finding a good one can sometimes be a lengthy process.

Hiring Security Guard Services

First off, you should get a security guard consultant to check any available details regarding your office setup.

The first thing they should do is thoroughly study the location and get a clear idea about what to expect.

To get the best experience, the security consultant should go through all the risks associated with your business. After this, you can hire professional security guards suitable for your business premises.

What to Expect

Demand for security services is increasing. So is the quality of those services. What you expect from a security guard service depends on your company’s needs. And that’s where the “you get what you pay for” saying comes into play.

Security guard services vary greatly in terms of cost. Some companies charge by how many people are on duty. In contrast, others charge by the square footage of a building. Some charge a flat rate per shift, while others charge by time spent.

It’s important to understand that price is often a reflection of quality. The best security guards aren’t cheap. It would be best if they had experience, training, and qualifications. 

The Costs

Security guard services are at a high-priced cost for offices and businesses, with rates between £75 to £150 per day.

Since the business owner is the one that foots the bill, one must ask for a high-level security guard service. Professionals do carry licenses and take rigorous training to prepare for these positions.

Unarmed security guards may range in price between £20 to £60 per hour, including higher rates for someone with training and expertise. The standard armed security guard costs between £40 to £80 per hour. It may be more expensive if the armed security is experienced and has professional expertise.