How to choose the right security firm

How to choose the right security firm

Enlisting the service of Manchester security guards is necessary to ensure an individual’s safety associated with an institute- be it a school or a business establishment. But while hiring security guards, you should always be wise to choose the right security firm. You should also be aware that the security personnel is contracted to their parent firms and are not your employees.

Right guard for the right job

A crucial factor you should always consider is how a firm matches the guards with the contracting clients. For example, an amiable security guard is the most ideal for an institute like retail stores that requires the guard to interact with clients frequently. On the flip side, security guards at night clubs have to deal with rough incidents on a daily basis. As such, the guards have to be of a strong personality and can intimidate troublesome individuals.

Areas to consider first before making any commitment

  1. The reputation of the security firm with previous clients.
  2. Licensure, according to local and state laws.
  3. Full insurance coverage.
  4. References from reputed institutes.
  5. Policies regarding the training the firm provides to their guards.
  6. Qualifications of the guards.
  7. Equipment the security firm offers.
  8. The firm’s management policies.
  9. The cost associated.
  10. How the firm responds to your needs.

Some minor issues that should not be ignored

  1. Hired security personnel should know and speak the language required at the workplace.
  2. Know the policy of the security provider regarding screening of the security personnel and drug testing.
  3. Inquire the security provider whether or not you can choose the guards’ uniforms.
  4. Lastly, ascertain how quickly the security provider will be able to dispatch a substitute guard in place of a guard who cannot attend to his shifts.

Acquiring the services of security guards has become a prerequisite in any modern organization. However, many security firms’ policies might not be tailor suited to your requirements or might be straight-out unaffordable. Here is how you might find the right security firm for your need.

Getting the right proposal

The first and foremost step is to prepare a clear and concise RFP (request for a proposal). Essential issues to include in the RFP

  1. The number of posts required.
  2. The coverage hours.
  3. Supervisor inspection procedures.
  4. Special scheduling, if any, requires.
  5. Events and holiday coverage.
  6. The process involving guard selection.
  7. Security guard training policies.
  8. Disciplinary measures (transfer, termination, etc.)
  9. The equipment you need.
  10. Insurance requirements.
  11. Your say in the guard’s uniforms. 
  12. Client oversight.
  13. Total length of the contract (term or ongoing).
  14. Start date.
  15. The terms of payment.

Always scrutinise the proposals you receive from security firms. It is advisable that you do so with an attorney or an insurance agency. The request should contain every requirement and need; the firm has to satisfy. Firms will not include anything outside of the RFP, so it pays to be comprehensive.