Christmas security checklist

The Golden Quarter, Christmas period is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year for UK retailers. During the 2021 Black Friday weekend Brits spent a massive £9.42 billion in total and this year is likely to tell a similar story.

With seasonal offers and increased sales inbound, retail warehouses and shops across the UK are full to the brim with the latest products and must-have presents.

Now more than ever, retail store and warehouse managers need to be alert to potential threats, ensuring they’re prepared for the influx of people and stock this Christmas period.

From introducing CCTV systems to hiring dedicated retail security services, we’ve put together a handy a checklist to ensure your business is prepared for the seasonal surges associated with Christmas.

CDX security check list

1. Are all exits and entrances monitored?

Whether in a high-street shop or a warehouse full of stock, it’s essential all exits and entrances are regularly monitored. This could be the main entrance, a back door or even an open window – any potential entry point should be closely observed.

Regular patrols of any site containing significant quantities of stock will help deter potential criminals and reduce the likelihood of theft.

2. Have you identified high-value items?

Identifying any high-value items and giving these some extra security attention can help reduce the likelihood of theft and protect your stock.

Air fryers, Mini Uggs, Dyson Air Wraps and Apple Watches all seem to be on this year’s high-value Christmas wish list, making them an ideal target for criminals. These big-value items will be highly sought after this Golden Period, so retailers must stay alert to potential criminal activity.

3. Do you have clearly labelled CCTV?

Clearly labelled CCTV can act as a visual deterrent to any potential criminal activity, making it clear there is an active security presence on site or in your store.

Well identified signs can help staff feel safe and secure, while protecting any assets from theft.

4. Are your shoplifting policies clear?

Clear and concise shoplifting policies can support your staff, ensuring they know what to do in the case of shoplifting or internal theft. They can also act as a strong deterrent to any potential criminals, outlining the potentially life-damaging consequences shoplifting could bring.

Having a dedicated retail security officer, or warehouse security team, can further help diminish risk, ensuring any situation can be dealt with effectively and quickly.

5. Are your employees prepared?

The so-called Golden Quarter can be an extremely stressful time for those working in retail, so it’s essential all employees are suitably prepared for the influx of both stock and people.

We’d advise training sessions and workshops to give Christmas security advice to all employees, including:

  • What to do in an emergency
  • How to spot potential criminal activity in customers and colleagues
  • How to handle criminal activity

Well-trained staff that know how to effectively handle any threatening or criminal situations can act as another form of defence this busy period. 

6. Do you have professional security on-hand?

Partnering with a trusted security firm can not only act as a deterrent against theft but can also give staff and employees peace of mind this Christmas.

Professional security will take extra pressure off already busy retail and warehousing staff, while ensuring maximum loss prevention through bespoke, tailored security strategies.

If you’re in need of retail security services in your shop or warehouse this Christmas, CDX Security Group are experienced in providing high-quality retail security solutions.

Recently scoring in the top three per cent of UK security firms, our SIA-approved officers are on hand to support with the busiest season of the year.

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