Choose the right keyholding service for your business

Choose the right keyholding service for your business

Hiring the right key holding service for your business is the next step in providing an added security layer to your business. 

Due to the increases in crimes at business workplaces in recent years, it is paramount that you provide the proper needed security to protect your business assets and property. It would be best to go over the different aspects when choosing the right security company or contractor. 

You will be handing over your key (access) to your property to a security team that will have 24/7 access to your property. Therefore, you must pick a service that checks all the right boxes you are looking for in a keyholding service

Given below are some tips that will help you choose the right key holding service for your business.

Validate qualifications

Ideally, before you contact the key holding service company, it is essential to check for proper validation. You must be 100% certain that they possess all the right qualification as per the requirements. You must also ensure that they also have a valid license to provide security services.

Available 24/7

Keyholding is a service that provides quick and fast responses in case of any alarms or security issues that can arise. They must be able to provide you with all the security that caters to your business needs, such as security patrols or security guards from Chester. They should be able to cover different shift any time of the day and provide you with all the security needs 24/7.  

Customer retention rate

Customer retention rate is the company’s ability to retain customers and continue to have business dealing with the same customer over the years. As a result, this helps us get an insight into how the customers like the service they provide and also let us know if the company is good as they claim to be. 

Generally, it is always preferable to hire a key holding company with a high customer retention rate. 


It is always best to hire a company with experience in providing security. The experience plays a vital role during situations where they might use what they have learned from their knowledge in tackling a particular problem that arises. 

A key holding service company that does not provide quality service even with years of experience is quite rare. Therefore, it always best to hire a service provider with years of experience under their belt.

Operational guidelines

The company you are hiring must have proper operational guidelines. Having ethical operational guidelines helps the keyholder reporting to the security issue scene follow the correct procedure.

It is also crucial for you as the employer to go through the operational procedures of the company. Ideally, it helps you get a better idea of how on-site operation execution takes place. In response to a security issue, a keyholder(s) is dispatched. They will survey and check for any security breaches in the area and ensure that the site is clear of any security issues.