Benefits of Hiring Security Guards for Film Shoots

Benefits of Hiring Security Guards for Film Shoots

Film sets and studios generally involve a massive crowd. There are crew members, bystanders, and of course, the crazy fans. And it comes as no surprise that most would want to get a few glimpses of the actors.

That said, it’s also essential to keep in mind that not everyone present at the venue will be fans. Some individuals might even be burglars waiting to steal some expensive filming equipment. 

For this reason, security is the topmost concern for film shoot venues in Manchester. Without proper security, miscreants can easily get in. And, in turn, cause chaos, hassles, and waste of shoot hours.

This article will cover the top four benefits of hiring security guards at film shoot venues. So, keep reading to find out!

Top Four Benefits of Hiring Security Guards For Film Shoot Venues 

Here are four benefits of hiring Manchester security guards for film shoot venues:

1. Keeps the Cast Protected

One of the topmost priorities in movie sets is the safety of their cast members. And the best way to ensure that is by hiring security guards. If the cast has some high-profile celebs, more crazy fans will swoon around the premises. Not to mention, the location will also be full of press and media.

However, there might even be some psychopaths who would try to harm the actors. Having security personnel around the premises will also ensure the cast members’ safety. Also, the guards can even escort them to the filming location from their vehicles. 

2. Ensure the Safety of all Assets

Hiring security for film shoot venues will also keep your valuable equipment safe. As expected, there will be numerous valuable assets worth millions of dollars. For this reason, movie sets are typically prone to robbers and other criminals.

In case the assets (props, expensive cameras, etc.) get stolen, it’d be a massive loss for the production units. So, it’s imperative to have security personnel present at the premises. 

3. Control the Crowd

Security guards can even restrict access to unauthorized areas in movie sets. Every competent security guard undergoes training on how to manage a large crowd. As such, film crews depend on guards to maintain order & appropriate behaviour within the set’s premises.

Deploying guards at check-in gates will help prevent any problem from arising at the sets. That’s because doing so will allow the guards to track and interact with everyone. Moreover, they can even check everyone’s ID cards to look out for any potentially dangerous individuals.

4. Escorts & Drivers

If the crew members don’t have their own bodyguard, the security guards can even escort them to their respective hotel. They’ll even escort them back safely to the shoot locations when required.

Final Say

In movie sets, one needs to consider several factors to ensure the shoot goes smoothly without any interruptions. You need to consider the safety of the expensive items, the crew, and precious shoot schedules. As such, it becomes imperative to hire competent security guards.