Benefits of keyholding services for your business

Advantages of security guards for your workplace

Keyholding in simple terms is handing over the keys to your home or business, whether it be your physical key or digital access, to a licensed security company. The security company helps monitor your home or your business workplace. 

Suppose you are away on a business trip, and your house premises’ security alarm goes off in the middle of the night. Since you handed over your keys, the security team quickly respond to the emergency or alarm and sends a staff (known as a keyholder) over to investigate the cause. As a result, this quick response by the security team helps avert the crime. 

Having a professional keyholding security company manage your keys adds security and safety layers to you and your business. 

In this article, let us go over some of the benefits of keyholding for your business.

24/7 Response

Having a professional security company provides you with quick responses to any security issues that might occur at your business premises or home. 

On receiving an alarm of a security issue, the company will dispatch the respective key holder to investigate the site. Upon reaching the site, the key holder will check for any security issues. The keyholder has complete access to most areas of the premises and will go about the task as is seen fit. 

In some companies, dispatching a security team is required. In such cases, there can be more than one keyholder on-site for the inspection.

Respond to false alarms

Most of the time, when the intruder alarm system that you have installed is triggered it may be a false alarm. 

Having a professional key holding service helps remove the trouble and inconvenience of responding to the false alarms. Generally, this can be time-consuming and damaging to your productivity. Therefore, this problem is taken care of, and instead of investigating the security issue, a key holder is dispatched or a member of your local Chester security guards.

Prevent property loss or damage

Handing over your keys to a professional security company provides you with quick responses that help you prevent damage or loss of property. If any vandalism or arson occurs, a rapid response team at your disposal helps prevent further damage.

Financial benefit

Outsourcing your key to a professional security company provides your business with financial benefits. The increased security surveillance at your business might reduce false injury claims by your employees to decrease your business’s expenditure. 

Giving a sense of security to your employees at your business workplace leads to an increase in your employees’ productivity. 

Ideally speaking; therefore, an increase in your employees’ productivity will lead to a rise in your business’s growth, leading to higher generated revenue. 

Protect your staff

Having the presence of a professional security service helps you eliminate the safety risk to your employees. It also helps boost the morale of your staff by providing them with a risk-free and safe environment. 

It will also help them perform their work diligently and with full concentration.