World Mental Health Day


The theme for this year’s world mental health day is “mental health in an unequal world” this is highlighting the unequal access to mental health services not just locally but globally and to ensure the support is accessible to those who need it.


Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic has also been a catalyst for mental health issues globally since the very first lockdowns began. The varying social and economic factors have also contributed to the onset of mental health issues within certain demographics and workforces.


Frontline staff such as the Security Industry have had to cope with the added pressure and workload of the pandemic. Because of this, some people might not know where to turn or who to ask when their mental health is suffering.


Therefore, now more than ever it is so important for us to support fellow colleagues, friends, and members of the public to ensure mental health information and support is available and to help remove the stigma held over mental health.


Here at CDX we have a dedicated mental health first aider Abbi Roddy, who is accessible to all our employees. We pride ourselves in refreshing the mental health services currently offered by other workplaces and come up with innovative solutions to improve the mental health services offered here at CDX Security Group.